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1st May - SPA Opening

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Admins needed

The Cliques

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The Cliques

Post by Sophia Grey on Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:19 am

Your clique is decided on your application so if you are hoping to be put in a certain clique, base your application around it.
The cliques below are in order of ranking.

The Queen Bees
The Queen Bees rule the school, they are most popular and are all usually cheerleaders and can be found hanging around the Jocks.

The Jocks
These boys are like the Queen Bees, they are all athletic and popular. They are usually on the football team.

The Rebels
These guys are either missing class or when they are there, causing trouble. They never really hand in homework on time either.

The Wanderers
The Wanderers don’t reaaly fit into a clique and will talk to anyone. They consider themselves as individualistic and don’t want to fall into any type of stereotypes.

The Scenes
The Scene kids are always in bright colours and usually have dyed their hair. They want to be more popular but they could never take over the Queen Bees or Jocks.

The Geeks
The Geeks always have the best grade, no one ever really speaks to them unless they are looking for someone to pick on or are needing homework done.

The Emo’s
Emo’s aren’t afraid of their emotions and to cry, they live by poetry and art. They can be found sitting on the grass huddled as a group.

The Goths
Everything about The Goths is black and mysterious. Most Goths have dyed black hair, black nail varnish and dark make-up.

The Outcasts
The Outcasts are the ones that are shunned and everyone in the school knows not to associate with them. Associating with them is social suicide.
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